Monday, October 19, 2009


"I'm most proud of having never voted for ..."

Of all the assorted dipshits whose names were presented to me in a voting booth, I'm most proud of having never voted for one Albert Gore, Jr.

Al Gore can be corpulent, while telling us all to "do more with less." He can live in an energy-eating house, while telling us all to "conserve." And he can tell us that polar bears are dying-out, when they really ain't ...

What Al Gore can't do is stop the likes of this, which is brilliant satire, if you ask me.

A sample:

It had hardly been six hours since he was at the dismal book party for the new, authorized history of MI5 written by a Cambridge don. Why an intelligence service would even think to publish its secrets was a mystery he could never untangle. But it was there at the party, drinking some tepid excuse for champagne, when Bond got the puzzling message from his old friend Felix Leiter, the CIA agent who had his back on so many dangerous cases. Bond didn't know what to make of it. "James. Need your help," read the text. "How many feet over high tide for Thames River to flood London?"

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