Monday, November 30, 2009


My Man Jim

It's no political secret that I supported Jim Henry for Tenn. Gov. -- against the best wishes of many o' my conservative friends -- back in 2002.

I never bought into Van Hilleary 's assertion(s) that Jim Henry was Don Sundquist in disguise. Hell, truth be known, I didn't buy into many things Van Hilleary had do say back in '02. But, I digress ...

Jim "Former TN House GOP Minority Leader/GOP Guv'na Candidate" Henry is a family friend, and, well, here's his latest e-mail:

To my friends, from Jim Henry,

Pete Chaney is my friend and political ally. He is also a writer. He has edited magazines and newspapers for over half a century, including Commercial Network Magazine for Bill Raines in Chattanooga. As an author, he wrote “One Day at a Time,” the biography of gospel singer Cristy Lane.

Now he has published a historical novel--“Valley of the Mules”--which tells the story of the development of America from 1784 to 1838. The story is centered around Chattanooga, Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama. Fictional characters mix with real historical figures—Andrew Jackson, Davy Crockett, Thomas Jefferson, Aaron Burr. It covers the War of 1812, the Creek Indian War of 1813, the Alamo, slave uprisings, giving a face of history you never saw.

I recommend it as an exceptional Christmas gift for yourself and others. The cost is $14.95. Shipping and handling will be waived for the holidays. You can order your First Edition copy by going to the web site:

A gift card will be included showing it from you to the person you wish to receive it, and it will be autographed personally to that individual.

One day you may have a collector’s item with this novel. The First Edition is a limited printing and will not be duplicated.


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