Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Political correctness is gonna kill us (literally)

It's gonna kill me

-- Filter

Back in the 40s, during dubya-dubya two, if any serviceman had given any indication that he sympathized with America's enemies, i.e., Nazis and Tōjō's, he would've been immediately discharged, and probably put behind bars.

That said, I'm beginning to think -- no, wait, I know -- that the politically-correct ethos that's now the norm in the U.S.A., and which's slithered its way into "conservative" institutions like the military, is what caused the Ft. Hood Massacre.

Sometime in 2007, Major Nidal M. Hasan stood before a gathering of Senior Army officers, and he was supposed to talk about medical stuff. Instead, he gave a presentation on how to be a good Jihad-lovin' Muslim ... and not one fuckin' eyebrow -- officially -- was raised. Why?

The current Weekly Standard connects the dots vis-à-vis one Nidal M. Hasan, and it ain't pretty. Check it out here.

You know, it was bad enough when political correctness ruined America's universities with institutional groupthink, "speech codes," and Women Good, Men Bad/Third World Good, West Bad theorizing, but now, as the Weekly Standard reports, fealty to political correctness in the ranks of the U.S. military has led to spilt blood.

President B. Hussein Obama likes to talk about "teachable moments." Unlike the convoluted "beer summit," what happened at Ft. Hood is a true teachable moment 'bout what happens when PC bullshit becomes the de facto law of the land. I have a feeling, however, that Obama and his leftist cohorts aren't going to learn nothing from it ... and America's slouch toward Gomorah is gonna be the inexorable result.

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