Thursday, November 12, 2009


Viva Cuba!

I wonder if Michael Moore, Sean Penn, and U.S. Rep. Diane Watson read this:

Trail-blazing Cuban blogger Yoani Sánchez says she was headed to a peaceable march against violence with friends in Havana Friday when she and fellow writer Orlando Luis Pardo were confronted by three men in plainclothes presumed to be state security, forced into a car, and assaulted.

"No blood," she reported to El Nuevo Herald. "But black and blues, punches, pulled hairs, blows to the head, kidneys, knee and chest...[after being] thrown head-first inside, they applied judo or karate holds to us and the punches ... kept raining down."

Sánchez says she and Pardo were driven around for about 20 minutes before being "violently thrown on the street" near where they were first accosted. Their friends reported being taken to a police station in a second car, where they were questioned and released.

I wonder if the celebs and members of Congress who were so critical of President George W. Bush appreciate the fact that if they'd been in Cuba, and if they'd criticized the gov'ment there like they did here, they might've found themselves on the receiving end of a good beating ... or worse.

I first name-checked Ms. Sanchez back in 2007. Check it out here.

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