Sunday, November 22, 2009


Who can touch this?!

If you didn't witness it, you need to know that the scene featuring MC Hammer and Corey Feldman rowing a boat -- in circles -- during The Surreal Life's first season is one of TV's greatest moments.

Speaking o' MC Hammer 'n' Corey Feldman, check this out ...

5 Times MC Hammer Changed History


4. Marrying Corey Feldman

How fitting that this wedding would be aired on the VH1 show The Surreal Life, because what could be more surreal than a wedding that includes Hammer, a rabbi, Gary Coleman and Mouth from The Goonies? ‘80s star Feldman was wed to his girlfriend Susie Sprague on the season finale of the reality show and had Hammer, along with a rabbi, officiate the ceremony, which was put together in one week (see a video here). Hammer is an ordained minister who also officiated the wedding of Mötley Crüe’s Vince Neil. Hammer has starred in his own ministry show and has been open about his faith and role as a minister, though never with as much star power as at Feldman’s wedding.

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