Monday, December 07, 2009


"Actually, Mr. President ..."

With each passing day I become more convinced that President B. Hussein Obama really isn't all that bright. Look, for example, at a comment he made today:

"On Friday we got the best jobs report that we've gotten in a very long time. And it significantly beat expectations. At minimum, it showed that for all practical purposes, we've stopped losing jobs." [Empasis mine]

Jim Geraghty tells us why that's a particularly dumb thing to say:

Actually, Mr. President, the jobs report said that 131,007,000 Americans were employed in the private sector in nonfarm work in October, and 130,996,000 were employed in that sector in November, a decline of 11,000 jobs. So for all practical purposes, we're still losing jobs, just at a slower rate. You know when we'll stop losing jobs? When that number stays the same or gets bigger than it was the previous month.

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