Thursday, December 03, 2009


Down and out on the left-wing

Jim Geraghty says no one has had a rougher year than left-wingers. Consider:

On January 1 of this year, they probably thought...

A stimulus bill would create jobs and lower the unemployment rate.

ACORN was a noble and trustworthy organization.

The data proving climate change was reliable (and could be found!).

Reaching out to Iran could yield dividends.

Less than 115,000 U.S. troops would be in Iraq, ten months after Obama took office.

An executive order requiring the closure of Guantanamo Bay within one year couldn't just be ignored.

The Republican party was dead in places like Virginia, and was long since irrelevant in places like New Jersey.

Gay marriage would be voted into law in New York and Maine.

That while some drop was inevitable, President Obama's approval rating would be consistently above 50 percent at the end of the year.

More than 60 percent of Democrats would indicate they would vote in the 2010 midterm elections.

With 60 Democrats in the Senate and 257 Democrats in the House, passing a health care bill with a public option would be smooth sailing.

What's that saying? "Man plans, God laughs"?

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