Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Governor Bill Gibbons?

I truly am undecided about whom I'm going to vote for in next August's GOP gubernatorial primary. The more I hear about Shelby County DA Bill Gibbons, the more I like him.

I just got an education-themed fundraising letter from Gibbons, and I agree with every point he makes ...

I want every child in this state to have an opportunity like my wife, our kids, and I have had. We need more of our best and brightest choosing teaching as their profession, and we need to cut the red tape to facilitate more innovation at the local level. There are several steps we can take to foster the improved educational achievement for our children:

Develop a statewide teacher recruiting strategy.

Reward high performing teachers and remove teachers who fall short.

Make it easier for working professionals and retirees to enter the teaching profession as a second career.

Lift the cap on charter schools and expand their presence statewide.
Develop standards of parental involvement.

Allow for more parental choice of schools for their children.

That's a platform on education that only the Tennessee Education Association couldn't love. That's reason enough to give Bill Gibbons strong consideration.

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