Wednesday, December 23, 2009


It's beginning to look a lot like 1994

We already know about the swing-district Democrat U.S. Reps who've announced that they're retiring. Now, another House Democrat has announced that he's switching to the GOP:

Rep. Parker Griffith, a conservative Democratic Congressman from northern Alabama, announced Tuesday that he is switching from the Democratic to the Republican party.

The Congressman explained his "difficult decision" at a press conference in his Huntsville district office.

"I am pro-business, pro-life, pro-second amendment and have worked hard to support our space and defense programs and represent our Alabama values," he said. "However, as the 111th Congress has progressed, I have become increasingly concerned that the bills and policies of the Democratic leadership are not good for Alabama or our nation." He added that he needs to "stand with a party more in tune with my beliefs and convictions." ...

National Republicans had targeted Griffith's 5th Congressional District as a possible Republican pick-up this year, but had also encouraged him to consider becoming a Republican. Sen. John McCain won the district in 2008 with 61 percent of the vote.

Griffith, who is an oncologist, used his announcement to criticize the Democratic agenda as "focused on massive spending, tax increases and bailouts." Afterward, he blasted the health bill now moving through Congress. "We're watching them pass a health care bill that two-thirds of America is saying don't pass it, leave it alone, start over again," he said. "And they're completely ignoring the American people at their own risk."

The news of the party-switch came as a blow to House Democrats, who have recently had several high-profile conservative members announce they will retire in 2010 rather than face reelection, including Rep. John Tanner of Tennessee and Dennis Moore of Kansas. Both men were favored to win reelection, even though their districts, like Griffith's, were in won by McCain in 2008.

Retirements, party-switchin' ... isn't that what happened in 1994?!

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