Friday, December 18, 2009


Jim Kyle's guv-campaign coffin has been slammed shut (with SEIU nails)

The Service Employees International Union, aka SEIU, has endorsed State Senator Jim Kyle for Governor. Kyle's crowing 'bout the endorsement ...

"I am especially honored to receive the support of SEIU" Jim Kyle said. "SEIU has always taken the lead in the fight to make sure that working families are provided with equitable pay and job security. In this challenging economy we must all work together to bring jobs to our state and improve the quality of life for all Tennesseans."

... and that's why he ain't gonna be Tennessee's next governor -- that and the fact that he might just be THE biggest jackass in the Tennessee Senate.

More 'bout the f-in' low-down SEIU here and here and here.

(Hell, just Google "SEIU" and "goon" and you'll see how a GOP candidate for governor could -- notice I didn't say "will" -- have a field day with SEIU-endorsed Jim Kyle!)

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