Monday, December 14, 2009


Not Lou Ann's day ...

On my way home from work this evening I heard three Lou Ann Zelenik ads on two different radio stations. In each ad, Ms. Lou Ann was talkin' 'bout how she was going to hand it to Bart Gordon come next November. I'll bet ol' Lou Ann never, ever considered that Bart Gordon would quit when she bought those ads.

State Senator Jim Tracy (R-Shelbyville) is a lock to run for Gordon's soon-to-be-vacated congressional seat; State Senators Bill Ketron (R-Murfreesboro) and Diane Black (R-Gallatin) are also considering running -- as are a half-dozen different Republican "activists."

Is it safe to suggest, at this point, that Lou Ann Zelenik -- whose political high-water mark was losing a primary for the Tennessee House of Representatives -- should now pull in her political trotlines? And, it is safe to assume that Mark Winslow is now regretting that he left his "Spliffy"* job at the TN GOP to go working for a candidate who went from "maybe could" to "doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell" overnight?

Yes and yes, methinks.

*First person who "gets" that should e-mail me. I'll give you four of my last five "Don't Blame Me, I Voted For McCain" bumper stickers (I'm saving the last one for posterity).

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