Wednesday, December 09, 2009


The pro-Taliban/pro-slavery Public at Large

Back in October, a top Democratic National Committee official said the GOP "ha[d] thrown in its lot with the terrorists - the Taliban and Hamas" for suggesting that President B. Hussein Obama was unqualified to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

I guess that means two-thirds of Americans are Taliban/Hamas-sympathizers:

[V]oters say 66 – 26 percent [President Obama] does not deserve the Nobel Peace Prize.

Earlier this week, Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid compared "Republicans who oppose health care reform to lawmakers who clung to the institution of slavery more than a century ago."

Looks like a majority of Americans are pro-slavery, too:

Voters disapprove 52 - 38 percent of the health care reform proposal under consideration in Congress, and they disapprove 56 - 38 percent of President Obama's handling of health care, down from 53 - 41 percent.

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