Sunday, January 24, 2010


Coincidence? I think not

For the past several months, Obama supporters have pointed to the Dow Jones Industrial Average's steady rise to claim that (a) the recession is ending because of (b) the president's economic policies. Weeeeeeell ...

Last week, the DJIA suffered its worst week in nearly a year, pretty much wiping out 2010's gains. On Friday the DJIA dropped over 200 points.

The Dow's recent slide has coincided with President Obama's increasingly shrill populist rhetoric and news that he plans to enact a blatantly unconstitutional tax on banks that are finally starting to turn the financial corner, if you will. Is it any wonder that 77 percent of investors who were polled by Bloomberg see Obama as "anti-business"?

Looks like investors are passing judgement on Obama's policies with their money ... and the result ain't pretty.

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