Thursday, January 07, 2010


Depends on what the meaning of "disarray" is ...

Subject line from an e-mail I received from the Tennessee Democratic Party yesterday:

National Republicans in disarray

Headline from today's Wall Street Journal:

Departures shake Democrats; Exit of Dodd, Dorgan Weakens Party in Senate Races

RNC chairman Michael Steele has a new book in which he supposedly settles a few scores, including a candid assessment of the many opportunities John McCain missed during his 2008 presidential campaign (I can't argue with him there). That, according to Tennessee Democrats, is enough to say that the GOP is in "disarray." Let's talk about true disarray, shall we?

In the last two days, Michigan Lt. Governor John Cherry bailed out on his gubernatorial bid; Colorado Governor John Ritter announced he will not seek a second term; three-term North Dakota Senator Byron Dorgan bailed out of his reelection bid; and scandal-plagued Senator Chris Dodd of Connecticut Chris Dodd announced his retirement -- just a few weeks after Vice Prez Biden headlined a lavish fundraiser for Dodd in Hartford.

It is not hard to understand why Democrats are jumping ship faster than an Escolade driven by Tiger Woods: President B. Hussein Obama's hyper-leftist policy-making is driving their party off a cliff. Consider:

A new Rasmussen poll finds that likely voters prefer Republican control of Congress by nine percentage points. According to Rasmussen, "The latest generic ballot numbers highlight a remarkable change in the political environment during 2009. When President Obama was inaugurated, the Democrats enjoyed a seven-point advantage on the Generic Ballot. That means the GOP has made a net gain of 16 percentage points over the course of the year." [Emphasis mine]

Instead of issuing pressers about disarray in the Republican Party, the Tennessee Democratic Party needs to be explaining why it can't recruit credible candidates to run in open-seat races in the 3rd and 6th Congressional Districts.

So there.

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