Monday, January 04, 2010


Happy New Year!

From the Advocates for Self-Government:

Several years ago, Harry Browne -- 1996 and 2000 Libertarian Party presidential candidate, world-renowned libertarian speaker and writer, and very good friend of the Advocates -- made his [list of New Year's resolutions].

Here's one that caught my eye:

I resolve to speak, dress, and act in a respectable manner. I may be the first libertarian someone has encountered, and it's important that he get a good first impression. No one will hear the message if the messenger is unattractive.

When I was an undergrad, I and three fellow College Republicans strolled onto a stage to debate four College Democrats on issues of national and local import.

We were about five minutes into the debate when a - er, THE - member of the campus Libertarian group burst into the auditorium and started yelling about how it was unfair that he’d been excluded from the debate. "We’re the third-largest political party in America!" he shouted.

The moderator of the debate told Mr. Campus Libertarian that he’d better leave or security would be called. When he turned around to leave, we on the stage all got a good look at the big-ass patch that had been sewn/ironed onto the back of his denim jacket ...

An American flag with a pot leaf in the blue field.

I guess Mr. Campus Libertarian didn't agree with all of Harry Browne's resolutions.

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