Thursday, January 21, 2010



Ms. Cassy Fiano has a great roundup of left-wing reaction to Scott Brown's incredible victory. As you can imagine, what she rounded up ain't pretty. A sample:

BluDemocratGirl: F*ck the GOP, Ignorant Teabagging Fools, and the Independent Voters who stood up with that pathietic, porn star-wannabe bastard. Mrs. Coakley’s campaign could’ve been stronger, but she ran it down to the drain. I’m pissed ’cause now the health care reform is now in jeopardy!

Joe the Liberal: It absolutely sickens me… to see this solid blue state have some sleazeball, degenerate, scumbag filth republican as their “representative”. I’m even more sickened and disgusted to see Ted’s seat, that he held for decades on end go to this piece of garbage, cookie cutter, bottom feeding, dirtbag republican.

Odin2005: Another STOLEN election.

Akoto: Teddy must be rolling in his grave right now.

DainBramaged: All of you RePUKElican lurkers can go f*ck yourselves one race. F*ck you.You have NO F*CKING ONE to run against Obama in 2012 so go f*ck yourselves.

AndyA: If sanity is a right wing, bigoted, homophobic Nazi, well…yes I guess there will be sanity. Pretty faces often hide monsters within.
TwixVoy: They are chanting like Nazis at his victory rally. Chilling. A glimpse of things to come.

Read 'em all here.

One quick thought: If the folks who were chanting at Scott Brown's victory celebration were acting like Nazis, what does that make all the damn fools who chanted "Yes We Can!" and other such vapidity at each and every Obama rally during the '08 presidential campaign? Communists? Shipdits? Communist shipdits? I wanna know!

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