Saturday, January 09, 2010


You read it here first ...

Harry Reid is going to be the third consecutive Democrat Senate Majority Leader to get his ass handed to him in an election. (I say "third" because Jim Sasser was poised to lead the U.S. Senate when Bill Frist stomped him, and Republicans stomped Democrats in general, in '94.) Check this out:

This was not the best of days for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid who found himself apologizing for having referred to candidate Barack Obama in private as a "light-skinned" black with no "Negro dialect," and then having to digest a new poll saying most Nevadans viewed him unfavorably and would elect any of his potential GOP opponents over him.

If an elected Republican used "Negro dialect" in a sentence, the mainstream media would work itself into the lather of all lathers; and the the elected Republican who uttered the offensive phrase would last about a week before he or she was hounded out of office.

That ain't gonna happen re: Harry Reid -- and by "that" I mean the lathering and the hounding out of office. What is going to happen, however, is that Harry Reid is going to lose his Senate seat in November. Bank it (apologies to George Plaster).

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