Saturday, February 20, 2010


Le Tigre stupide

Did you see Tiger Woods' "I'm sorry" speech? If so, was that not one of the most surreal f'ing things you've ever seen?

What was up with the stage and the staged-speech? I kept waiting for Tiger to say, "I hereby announce my candidacy for ...," or "I choose not to run for ..."!

As far as mea culpas go, Tiger's was deliberately insincere to the point of being a parody of insincere mea culpas. Oh, sure, he got all "I'm sorry"; but then he had to go on a George Clooney-esque tirade 'bout paparazzos, and that's where he lost me. Indeed, at that point his little presser became more woe-is-me than woe-is-what-I've-done, and, well, let's just say that I don't respect that, none.

Tiger could've sat down for a weepy sit-down with Katie Couric or some other idiot talking head. Just a hunch, but I'll bet this is the course o' action that his PR flaks advised him to take. Good for him for ignoring such shitty advise, but then he went and got all sorry-on-a-stage on us.

I'm of the opinion that Tiger should've released a 10-page "I'm sorry" manifesto in an attempt to leave his tom-cattin' at that; and then when he was asked about his past misdeeds, he could've said, "I've said all I'm gonna say."

When Tiger does come back -- and he's gonna come back at some point -- he may be able to dismiss questions 'bout his past misdeeds, but he's going to face additional questions about the ridiculous way in which he addressed said misdeeds ... and dismissin' ain't gonna be so easy in that respect.

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