Thursday, February 04, 2010


Now she's concerned ...

Yesterday, Senator Blanche Lincoln told President Obama to his face that Democrats need to "push back against people in our own party that want extremes." Immediately thereafter her campaign Web site featured a newsflash with this headline: "Lincoln challenges Obama on liberal 'extremes.'"

In the last twelve months, Blanche Lincoln hasn't been too awful concerned about the extremists in her party who've been pushing for cap-and-tax, another stimulus boondoggle, ObamaCare, and treating terrorists with kid gloves.

I guess a poll showing you down 23 points, and down 46 points among independents, will get you concerned real fast ...

If the election were held today, Sen. Blanche Lincoln would lose in a landslide, according to the latest polling from Public Policy.

The poll shows 33% of voters would pick the Arkansas Democrat, while 56% would vote for Republican Rep. John Boozman.

The 23-point edge for Boozman, who has yet to officially announce his campaign, underscores that Lincoln is one of the most vulnerable incumbents of the 2010 cycle. Among independents, Boozman fares even better, 66%-20%.

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