Thursday, February 04, 2010


This is a call

Don't know why, but I get weekly e-mails from the Communist Party USA. The latest Commie communication says this:

"Don't Mourn, Organize!" This is the growing call form [sic] labor and progressive forces following the upset election in Massachusetts of Republican Scott Brown to fill Edward Kennedy's seat in the U.S. Senate.

The election in Massachusetts should not be read as a shift to the right, but rather as an indication of inconsistent thinking and flux on the part of voters in a time of hardship and the biggest wealth gap in history. It was a protest telling Democrats they must take on the opposition and deliver for people's needs. ...

To regain momentum, big, bold, decisive actions are required that will create millions of jobs and rebuild the economy. It will take standing up to the opposition, not giving in.

Given that Scott Brown ran against the "bold, decisive actions" of Obama and his left-wing allies in Congress, and won, it seems rather foolish to suggest that Democrats should not only do what they've been doing, but take it up a few notches as well.

Of course, calling Commies fools is kinda like calling baboons "ugly-asses," ain't it?

(If you'd like to receive the Communist Party USA's e-mails, chick here to sign up. I urge you to do it for weekly comic relief.)

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