Monday, March 01, 2010


Bring it on, ye socialist dumbasses

Remember when President Obama said he and his fellow Dems had "no Plan B" vis-à-vis health care during the Great Health Care Summit? That lie was exposed on Friday when Nancy Pelosi announced that a semi-scaled-back version of the Senate's ObamaCare bill will start gettin' debated this Wednesday ... and reconciliation, said she, is still on the table in terms of gettin' it done.

I'm sure certain certain anonymous Creeder Readers greet this news with great enthusiasm, forgetting Obama's lie, of course. However, I have news for them:

National Review's Jim Geraghty has compiled the polling support/reject run-down on ObamaCare. Here 'tis:

Rasmussen: 41/56
Newsweek: 40/49
Public Policy Polling: 39/50
Pew: 38/50
Quinnipiac: 35/54
Ipsos/McClatchy: 37/51
NBC/WSJ: 31/46
CNN: 38/58
NPR: 39/55

Now, if Obama 'n' Pelosi 'n' Reid succeed -- which, thank God, is still a big "if" at this point -- in foisting upon the American people a gov'ment program they clearly do not want foisted upon 'em, the results of this November's congressional election will leave a great many card-carrying Democrats, and a great many Democrat-voting socialist turds, saying this: "Man, our side did good back in November 1994!"


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