Saturday, March 20, 2010


"A ****ing rat bastard"

A few years ago -- a few more than I'd like to let on -- I worked in the office of a Republican state representative from Murfreesboro. Said representative was once working on a bill which would've alerted state correction officers whenever HIV-positive prisoners were in their midst, and he asked for Rep. Bart Gordon's assistance in getting it passed. Gordon said he'd help. However, when the ACLU threw-in against the bill, ol' Bart stopped returning my boss's phone calls. "What a ****ing rat bastard" ... that's what my boss, the state rep., said.

At that point, I already knew that Bart Gordon was a rat bastard. You see, Bart Gordon once looked me in the eye and told me he was "committed" to do something, and then he lied through his teeth. And he had the temerity to leave a message on my answering machine calling me a "liar" and a "punk" when I told folks 'bout him being a lying liar.

To make a long story short, I once got Bart Gordon's commitment to participate in a debate at Middle Tennessee State University 'gainst his then-opponent Marsha Blackburn. Bart backed out; I called him on it in a press release faxed to virtually every media outlet in Middle Tennessee; and then I got called tacky names by a sitting member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

That said, I'm not one bit surprised that Bart Gordon is now four-square behind ObamaCare, after voting "no" back in the Fall. Time will tell what all Nancy Pelosi's promised Bart to make him switch his vote -- rumor has it that he's next-in-line to be top-dog at NASA. All I know is this:

Bart Gordon is, and has always been, a rat bastard. When Sen. Tom Coburn puts the kibosh on his appointment as NASA head, the audible laughter you'll hear will be from one Joltin' Django. And I'll laugh and laugh, 'cause Bart will be gettin' what's been coming to him, and then some.

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