Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Let's talk about Ms. Contemporary Hairstyle, shall we?

I was just perusing the Kim McMillan for Governor Web site. This line from the site's ├╝ber-updated blog (!) really caught my attention:

"Tennessee needs jobs, and Tennessee needs a leader with experience producing jobs."

Ms. McMillan has spent her entire professional life workin' at law firms and drawing checks from Tennessee's taxpayers. Not only does she not know the first ****in' thing about what it's like to punch a clock or clean grease/grime/dirt from under one's dirty fingernails ... she's never in her life been in a position to hire someone who had to punch a clock and/or clean grease or grime or dirt from under his or her fingernails.

Kim McMillan has experience producing jobs?! If you believe that, you'll also believe that I'm an accomplished composer and librettist. (If you'd like to know why I got all operatic in my analogy, see here.)

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