Wednesday, March 31, 2010


"[W]e got us a clueless boob ..."

Due to the reg-a-lations in ObamaCare, another company is getting kicked in the you-know-whats with new taxes:

Illinois Tool Works Inc ... announced that as a result of certain provisions in the recently enacted Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care program, future Medicare prescription drug subsidies received by the Company for retiree prescription drug coverage will now be taxable. As a result, the Company expects to record a discrete tax adjustment of $22 million, or 4 cents of diluted income per share from continuing operations, in its 2010 first quarter results to reflect this change in tax treatment.

How in the hell does the Barry Obama Administration expect American industry to create new jobs when he's either threatening to whomp 'em with millions of dollars of new taxes, or actually whomping 'em with millions of dollars of new taxes?

God-a-mighty we got us a clueless boob -- er, a clueless socialist boob -- in the White House

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