Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Bad news for Barry and the Dems

A few weeks have passed since ObamaCare passed ... and a new Rasmussen poll finds likely voters now favor Republican control of Congress by ten points, 46 percent to 36 percent. According to Rasmussen, it's "biggest [GOP] lead in nearly three years of weekly tracking."

Republicans continue to lead (46 percent to 43 percent) Gallup’s survey of registered voters, and a new Gallup survey on Obama’s job approval finds that as the president finishes his fifth quarter in office, his 48.8 percent rating "ranks among the lowest for elected presidents' fifth quarters since World War II."

Here's more bad news for Democrats from the Associated Press:

"President Barack Obama delivered Democrat-friendly California a stark message Monday: Liberal Sen. Barbara Boxer might lose her re-election race if her supporters don't work hard. The president’s stern words in a state where he remains popular and Boxer won her last re-election race in a rout underscored the perilous political environment confronting all Democrats in this midterm election year."

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