Thursday, April 15, 2010


Happy tax-payin' day!

Just so you know, the U.S. government will spend $31,406 of your tax dollars this year ...

Taxpayers filing their 1040s are likely wondering just where all their hard-earned tax dollars are going, anyway.

• Washington will spend $31,406 per household in 2010 — the highest level in American history (adjusted for inflation). It will collect $18,276 per household in taxes. The remaining $13,130 represents this year's staggering budget deficit per household, which, along with all prior government debt, will be dumped in the laps of our children.

• Government spending has increased by $5,000 per household since 2008, and nearly $10,000 per household over the past decade.

Yet there is no free lunch: If spending is not reined in, then eventually taxes must also rise by $10,000 per household.

So, who among us thinks that he or she is gettin his or her 31 grand's worth from the federal gov'ment?! If you do, you probably don't pay any taxes any way. So to hell witcha.

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