Tuesday, April 13, 2010


A shameful display

When U.S. Rep. Bob Clement (D-Nashville) was running for re-election in 1992, he ran a television ad in which he echoed prez-candidate Bill Clinton's call to raise taxes on "the rich -- they weren't paying their "fair share," you see -- and he also ran an ad in which he suggested that the government was the primary engine of job growth in the U.S. (The jobs ad really offended me, and I sent the good Congressman a copy of The Wealth of Nations, along with a lengthy note calling him on his economic ignorance. I'm still waiting for a thank-you note for the book.)

In 2002, Clement jumped into the race for the U.S. Senate seat that was being vacated by the retiring Fred Thompson. In his TV ads for that race, he talked about how he'd help small business with tax breaks and the like so's they could create jobs, and he lambasted his opponent, Lamar Alexander, for a long-ago suggestion that an income tax in Tennessee might be inevitable. I quickly penned a letter to the Tennessean newspaper calling Clement on his rank hypocrisy.

Clement's hypocrisy pales in comparison to that of Colorado Senator Michael Bennet. Bennet voted for Barack Obama's $787 billion "stimulus" boondoggle and the $2.5 trillion health care bill. Now he's running ads saying it's wrong for members of Congress to "spend money they don't have." To wit:

Bennet has a pair the size of basketballs, n'est-ce pas?!

UPDATE: If you're having trouble seeing the video, click here.

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