Monday, June 14, 2010


She's an idiot AND a socialist ...

I've long been aware that State Senator Thelma Harper (D-Nashville) is a five-star idiot. First, any elected official whose main claim-faming is wearing funny hats is an idiot; and second, 'cause o' this ...

When I was an undergraduate member of my college's College Republicans back in '92, Thelma Harper showed up on campus to spout leftist platitudes at a meeting of the campus College Dems.

I and several o' my fellow CRs went to see Senator Harper that night, with more than a few beers in our bellies. When she finished singing the praises of Bill Clinton and Al Gore, I asked her this question:

"Are the laws of supply and demand immutable?"

How'd Thelma respond to this tête-à-chapeau? Well, she said this:

"We demand us a Clinton and a Gore."

Right then is when I first knew that T'elma wasn't fit -- due to her on-record stupidity -- to serve in the State Senate.

Right now, well, you'll see:

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