Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Stop playing golf!

In his left-wing Riefenstahlian classic, Fahrenheit 9/11, Michael Moore showed images of George W. Bush playing golf in an effort to suggest that the then-Prez was playing around while Iraq, and America, burned. Moore failed to mention that Bush'd stopped playing golf when boots hit the ground in Iraq 'cause, well, such a revelation would've interrupted his Bush the Buffoonish Duffer meme. That didn't stop the media from replaying Moore's Bush-at-play scene, replete with the Go-Go's tune that accompanied said scene in Moore's film.

It's funny (funny, not surprising), but the mainstream media doesn't seem to have the same indignation when it comes to President Barry Obama's golfing. For the record, President Obama, who's been in office 'bout a year and a half, has played more rounds of golf than Bush did in eight years ... which you'd never know if'n you relied on the New York Times, Washington Post, or CBS Evening News, et al. as your primary news source.

All that said, there's a great new Web site -- -- which's more than happy to take our Holy Man president to task for his incessant golfing.

Here're some o' the things that took place whilst Barry was chasing his dimpled ball(s):

• As oil spill spreads and approaches Louisiana coast, President plays golf (5/22/2010)

• Skips visit to Polish Embassy in memory of Polish president; "Fore!" (4/18/2010)

• Plays golf instead of dealing with attempted Christmas Day bombing (12/25/2009)

• Delays decision on Afghanistan troop surge as casualties rise; plays golf (10/25/2009)

• Skips bipartisan negotiations over health care reform to play golf (9/1/2009)

• Plays golf in Massachusetts, fails to visit dying Sen. Ted Kennedy (8/23/2009)

• Misses Israeli Prime Minister’s historic speech offering a two-state solution (6/14/2009)

• Fails to stand up for Iranian democracy demonstrators, plays golf instead (6/14/2009)

• Plays golf as swine flu spreads; no CDC head or Surgeon-General yet (4/26/2009)

• President-elect Obama plays golf during Gaza War, refuses to comment (12/30/2008)

Has anyone ever looked to see if Obama tees off from the ladies' tee? He strikes me (!) as a feller who'd hit from the ladies' tee.

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