Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Your tax dollars at work

This is how Barry Obama "stimulates" jobs ... giving grants to universities to find out why pot-smokers and malt liquor-drinkers are shiftless and unproductive?!

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act — the fancy name of the 2009 stimulus bill—provided $389,357 to the State University of New York at Buffalo for project number 1R01AA01658001A — "Malt Liquor and Marijuana: Factors in Their Concurrent Versus Separate Use." ...

The SUNY Buffalo grant pays subjects to answer their cell phones over a three-week period and describe their feelings as they consume malt liquor and smoke marijuana.

I could make 1,000 tacky comments 'bout Obama, malt liquor, and the B'Obama Stimulus at this point.

I could, indeed, but I'd rather direct you to this:

Obama's voodoo economics

And this:

Why Obama's Stimulus Failed

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