Wednesday, July 07, 2010


On top of Mount Obama

Next to Jonah Goldberg, Daniel Henninger is my favorite political scribe. Mainly 'cause of stuff like this:

The Democrats in Washington are beginning to look like a tribe of volcano worshipers, living in the ever-present shadow of Mount Obama, which has been spewing federal spending into the American atmosphere nonstop for nearly two years. Its ash covers everything.

This ancient Democratic tribe, whose number is 255, live in a rambling, run-down temple called the House of Representatives. They share the House with a sporadically hostile tribe called the Republicans, whose population has dwindled to 178. Every few years the tribes engage in an arcane martial-arts contest known as "the elections." Some of the members do not survive.

The Democrats have long believed that Mount Obama's lava field of inert dollars is the staff of life and will save them from extinction. But recent field work by independent ethnographic analysts suggests that the Democrats' years of living off the land of the spending volcano is probably toxic, and could result in at least 50 of them dying in the forthcoming elections.

Still, there exists inside the Democratic tribe a powerful group of priests who practice an abstruse discipline known as Keynesian volcanism. Their belief, in sum, comes down to: The bigger the better. For them, the eruption of Mount Obama was the opportunity of a lifetime.

Read the rest here (it's good stuff, indeed).

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