Thursday, January 17, 2008


Couldn't be happening to a more deserving quack

Dr. Phil is the target of a complaint filed with the California Board of Psychology. When Dr. Phil attempted to counsel singer/professional trainwreck Britney Spears earlier this month, he was technically practicing without a license, which is a felony in the Golden State. TMZ reports:

"We've learned the person who filed the complaint is a psychologist. Dr. Phil has never been licensed to practice in California, and he retired his Texas license in 2006.

"The psychologist who filed the complaint also alleges Dr. Phil violated HIPAA laws by 'discussing or divulging a patient's medical condition ... with the media,' in reference to a press release issued by Dr. Phil."

The psychologist has also started a petition to have Dr. Phil removed from the air. If he/she succeeds, then perhaps something positive will've come from the whole Britney-Spears-wacked-out-in-the-hospital debacle after all.

(And let's not forget who's responsible for foisting Dr. Phil on the American public: Oprah Winfrey, aka Barack Obama With A Vajay-jay. That's another reason right there for me to dislike Ms. Winfrey.)

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